Michelle Kinsey Bruns

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Michelle Kinsey Bruns is a longtime feminist activist and organizer who has participated in abortion clinic defense actions in eight states. Her work merges online and offline strategy to organize, fundraise, and recruit volunteers to fight clinic harassment and other barriers to access to reproductive health services. A social media user since receiving her sixdegrees.com invitation in 1998 and a coder and writer for the web since before the invention of the word "blog," she has never stopped believing in the power of the internet to change the world.

When not behind a keyboard or in front of a clinic, Michelle is most likely splashing through a creek with her Siberian huskies, making a tasty mess in her kitchen, or planning a road trip.

Read more about some of her recent work at the links below.

Photo Credits: Profile photo at the Rally to Protect Abortion Access at the U.S. Supreme Court, March 2, 2016, by the Center for Reproductive Rights. Background photo at Summer Celebration of Choice at Germantown (Maryland) Reproductive Health, July 31, 2011, by the Washington Post.